Welcome on Board

Welcome to Ben Handy Team

If you are here, you are one step away from being a Ben Handy trusted handyperson. As our trusted handyperson you will have our full support while working on a project, you will receive the payment right away, and you will have a network of experienced handypersons who can eventually become your family and help you whenever you're working on a big project.

Ben Handy is built on trust and honesty

we value our handypersons and of course our customers and neighbors. Our goal is not to maximize our profit. we are here to make sure our neighbors receive a top-quality experience when they need home repair or installation services. That's why we need to make sure the new handyperson also agrees with these values and does his/her best to deliver a premium experience.

The following form is a contract between you and Ben Handy LLC

The fact that you are here, means that you already passed our first screening and we are pretty sure you will do a good job. But a formal contract helps us to protect you, Ben Handy, and our valued customers and keep our pro network safe and reliable. Your Data is safe with us and won't be shared with anyone.

please submit the following form, and if everything works out well, we will get back to you with your first work order.